About Foxglove Fragrances

We are a small family run business specialising in hand making affordable but luxury wax melts.

We believe that wax melts are the BEST way of filling your home with the most beautiful fragrances. 

Each and every product we have in our store is lovingly handmade to ensure everything is of the highest quality. 

Website Restocks

We add new stock to our website every Saturday at 7pm so if you can't find what you want right now make sure to come back then!

We tend to upload around 60 scents each week.
Join our Facebook community for sneak peeks of what new scents we will be releasing.
Search for "Foxglove Fragrances Wax Chat" 


Amazing!! Loads of scents to choose from and they all smell incredible. They last ages and fill the whole house with the delicious smells. Better than the top high street brands!!
The customer service is A****

Sammi J

I used Foxglove Fragrances and fell in love. The wax holds the scent tremendously and has the most amazing throw. Lasted me a couple of tea lights so amazing value for money too. Highly recommend this vendor and she is lovely to buy from too.

Liz A

Absolutely beautiful wax which is so strong! One small piece lasts several days burning! And still smells amazing when it’s cold! I bought 3 tubs and was super impressed and now have about 15 more on their way! 100% recommend! The group is lovely and friendly and restock night is a lot of fun, lots of different fragrances every week - once tried, you will get hooked! 

Rachel W

Amazing wax! Lasts for hours on end, huge range of unique scents, the customer service is one of the best and the weekly restocks are addicting!Everything about Foxgloves is incredible, I highly recommend!.

Courtney M

Sarah was the 2nd vendor that I tried & I have never looked back. She has worked with me to understand what scents work for me, is always willing to answer questions, even if they seem stupid. She has made me some fantastic blends that I love & would not hesitate to recommend not only her wax but her as a person, as her Customer Service is second to none!

Lisa H

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