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Our 'waffle' style wax melts weigh approx 45g 
Scent Descriptions
Bakery Dreams
A rich mouthwatering milk cookie fragrance smoothed by vanilla pod and hints of creamy coconut, white chocolate and a whisper of fresh candyfloss.
Bananas and Custard
A fresh fruity banana fragrance with a creamy vanilla background.
Butter Brickle
This extremely buttery and creamy smelling fragrance has strong base notes of vanilla, with hints of almond.
Coconut Milk & Lavender
The gorgeous soothing scent of relaxing lavender beautifully blended with subtle hints of warm coconut milk. Opening with coconut milk and lime, with middle notes of lavender and eucalyptus on a base of moss, pine and vanilla bean.
Confectionery Dreams
A fruity mouthwatering blend of fresh red strawberries and sun ripened raspberries on a sweet balsamic base of sugar meringue, fresh cream and vanilla supported by a touch of sandal.
Similar in scent to the original white soap. A comforting floral with fresh aldehydic top notes accompanied by gentle floral notes of rose and jasmine. The base is composed of musk, moss, woods and a hint of sweet buttermilk.
Faries In Wonderland
A delightful blend where the bubblegum fragrance of snow fairy is blended into the clean crisp scent of rose wonderland.
Paradise Island
Juicy peach and fresh apple notes are combined with freesia and magnolia on a sweet base of vanilla and musks
Rhubarb Rose
A crisp mouth-watering rhubarb fragrance smoothed by tea rose and hints of pineapple resting on a base of musk, velvety woods and dry fruits.
Snow Fairy
A vibrant, sweet, fruity accord with notes of bubblegum, banana, pear drops, musk and vanilla with sweet candy floss.
Tattooed Beauty
The same scent as when you walk into your favourite tattoo parlor. Cleaned with antiseptic